Environmentally friendly waterless urinals, made from high-quality, durable ceramic materials

For clients and institutions with a green conscience, we offer URIMAT waterless urinals - a premium Swiss brand

The technology of waterless urinals

There are two types of waterless urinal technology:

  • Oil or chemical cartridges - urine passes through a oil or chemical-based barrier which is then supposed to form a seal which reduces odours. Using this system requires expensive cartridges to be replaced every few months, and the maintenance costs are high, particularly since the oil seal can easily be accidentally broken, for example by a cleaner washing a bucket of water down the urinal.
  • URIMAT's patented ActiveTrap or so called membrane trap - The membrane trap technology / membrane valve has proven its performace for more than 10 years and is the newest waterless urinal technology. It is much more effective at preventing odours and hygiene issues as well as being significantly cheaper and easier to maintain.

The patented and exchangeable ActiveTrap used in the URIMAT Urinals collects the urine and discharges it (without using water) into the drainage system. No pollutant oils or chemicals are used and no odours can develop.

URMIAT ceramic20


URIMAT ceramic20 bowls made from exclusively produced ceramics enhance your facilities. Elegance meets technology.

The complete absence of a flushing rim and sharp edges in the vitreous china urinals from URIMAT actively avoid any build-up of deposits.

Waterless Urinal Bowl

Made from high-quality, durable ceramic materials


The URIMAT ceramic20 waterless urinal weighs 21 kg, but is extremely easy to install

Absolute Hygiene

The special ceramic surface prevents residue as well as bacteria growth and the development of odours


3D Animation

Odour trap with vertical membrane technology and non-return-valve technology 2.0 (NRV)



The odour trap with membrane technology improves safety and reliability in sanitary facilities

The complete absence of a flushing rim and sharp edges in the vitreous china urinals from URIMAT actively avoid any build-up of deposits.

  • Contactless
  • Visual change indicator (unique)
  • Resistant to under and over-pressure
  • Integrated cleaning stone
  • Made of up to 50% recycled material
Patented step regulation

The three-fold step regulation of the cover determines the length of effectiveness of the integrated MB-ActiveCube, thus enabling durability to be controlled.

Integrated MB-ActiveCube

The integrated MB-ActiveCube improves hygiene and prevents residue, crusting due to organic matter, urine residue and grease on the inside of the odour trap, and in the drain pipe.

Visual display indicator

After the MB-ActiveCube has been removed, the red contact area beneath the transparent cover indicates that the odour trap on the waterless urinal needs to be replaced.

Vertically closing membrane system

The vertical membrane technology ensures absolute odour proofing. Under-pressure and over-pressure are compensated for by the membrane. No sewer gases can escape.

The URIMAT MB-ActiveTrap absorbs urine and directs it into the sewer system without flushing the drainage system and prevents odours from escaping, even under varying pressure conditions. The liquid is led directly into the sewer system via a vertically suspended membrane (membrane odour trap).

Above the membrane is a microbiological cleaning cube, which reduces deposits and encrustations inside the odour trap, as well as in the drain pipe. As soon as no more urine passes through the membrane, it closes airtight. After the integrated cleaning cube has been removed, the red contact surface under the transparent cover indicates that the waterless urinal's odour trap needs to be replaced.


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