Human waste to biogas, enabling schools with a reliable, convenient, and affordable source of energy

The Problem

Kenyans face two large obstacles, access to proper sanitation and cost affordable, sustainable energy sources

According to the Kenyan Ministry of Education, over 50% of schools in Kenya lack proper sanitation facilities, with an estimated 31,000+ primary schools in rural Kenya alone. Improper waste disposal, including human waste, contaminates local water sources and contributes to the spread of diseases Source: World Health Organization, posing significant health risks to students and staff.

Additionally, 70% of Kenyan schools lack access to clean and affordable energy sources for cooking.

Without reliable sources of energy, schools often resort to using firewood for cooking, contributing significantly to deforestation and climate change Source: CIFOR This reliance strains school budgets and creates a toxic environment in kitchens. It's crucial these issues are addressed to improve health, education, and environmental sustainability in the future.

Mobile Alert Toilets biogas reactors

Our Solution

  • Mobile Alert Toilets (MAT) constructs affordable pour-flush latrines using recycled materials or modify existing latrines into pour-flush systems
  • We channel waste from the latrines to our biogas reactors, adding food waste from the school kitchens. The waste then undergoes biological reactions to generate methane gas.
  • This methane gas is captured and used for cooking in the school kitchens, replacing firewood. We also install a smart meter to monitor system health for optimisation.
  • The remaining effluent, known as digestate, is collected, further treated and can be used for watering gardens and hedges within the school premises.
Biogas reactor site installation
Biogas reactor site installation

The Benefits

  • Our durable biogas digesters have a 20+ year life cycle
  • Typical installation time, including construction, is 6 weeks
  • MATs biogas solution provides schools with a reliable, convenient, and affordable source of energy, reducing their reliance on firewood and lowering energy costs.
  • Our biogas solution also offers a sustainable method of waste management, significantly enhancing sanitation and hygiene conditions within schools.
  • MAT can provide a complete ecosystem of products, including biogas stoves, grills and food crushers
  • We provide fast,construction and installation times, bespoke to each client, incorporating recycled materials in our construction
  • We provide essential training, maintenance, and ongoing support to ensure the biogas systems operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • MAT's approach closely aligns with the principles of a circular economy, promoting resource efficiency and sustainability whilst contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy).

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MAT offers flexible financing solutions to schools, ensuring they can easily access our sustainable sanitation and clean energy solutions.

With our financing plan, schools can start by making a 20% deposit and then pay the remaining amount through equal monthly instalments spread over a convenient 25-month period.

This approach empowers schools to afford a cleaner and more efficient source of fuel while effectively managing on-site sanitation facilities.

We are committed to making these essential services accessible and affordable for educational institutions.

You must meet all the requirements set out by the bank to qualify for the loan. Terms and conditions apply.

For full details please contact us.