Innovative Sanitation & Energy Solutions

Mobile Alert Toilets has extensive knowledge, expertise and partnerships in providing cost effective sanitation solutions specifically tailored for schools and businesses.

Mobile Alert Toilets is dedicated to promoting sanitation, sustainability and affordability, ensuring a better future for all.

At Mobile Alert Toilets, our mission as a social business is clear: to increase access to safe and affordable sanitation for all.

We achieve this through our three key products, which address a wide range of sanitation challenges for vulnerable communities and environmentally-conscious clients.



A reliable, durable, convenient, and affordable source of energy solution from organic waste for schools

Our human waste to biogas systems brings multiple benefits to schools and institutions. Beyond sanitation improvements, these systems provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional firewood for cooking.

Schools can choose from a variety of system designs, tailored to different income levels - from low-income to mid-income and luxury - all emphasising quality, cost-effectiveness, and positive impact. Our systems are built to handle fluctuations in waste generation while generating clean energy


Environmentally friendly waterless urinals, made from high-quality, durable ceramic materials

For clients and institutions with a green conscience, we offer Urimat waterless urinals - a premium Swiss brand.

Urimat includes dry, waterless urinals suitable for installation in malls, airports, and commercial real estate.

Additionally, you can enhance your existing urinal bowls with the Urimat Odour Trap Membrane Filter. This sustainable solution aligns perfectly with our commitment to a greener future. It not only promotes water savings but also translates to cost savings.

MAT Pit Latrine Sensor

Pit Latrine Sensor

Cost effective monitoring of latrine fill levels with automated collection notification system.

Our fill level sensors collect vital data on the fill levels of school and institutional latrines. This data enables timely waste collection, benefiting both schools and waste management companies.

Our sensor optimises collection routes, prevents waste from polluting our environment, and contributes to a more climate-friendly approach.