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The Problem

Due to rapid urbanization, 56% of urban residents in Kenya (approximately 6.4 million) live in slums without access to adequate sanitation.

In the Korogocho slum for instance, with its population of 200,000, there is one pit latrine for every 30 people.

Latrines overflow due to late desludging and approximately 140m³ of faecal sludge is dumped into Nairobi river every day.

The Solution

We have an innovative approach to container based sanitation for solving this problem.

About Us

Mobile Alert Toilets Logo

Mobile Alert Toilets (MAT) is a social business that improves and renovates overflowing pit latrines in the urban slums of Kenya by retrofitting them with containers and sensors.

The sensors monitor and send automated messages to alert MAT to arrange for emptying and resource recovery in a safe and hygenic manner.

This process removes the current situation where waste is disposed of in to the local river bodies, instead being hygienically removed and transported for processing.

Social Business


Focuses on the existing overflowing toilet infrastructure in the slums.


No additional space or land is required for the implementation, requiring fewer resources.


Introduce containers fitted with sensors into existing pit latrines, which prevents overflowing.


Provides a coordinated and efficient planning of desludging routes, thereby minimizing time and cost.


Eliminates manual desludging of pits and provides better working conditions for pit emptying workers.


Eliminates disposal of faecal sludge into the environment and water bodies, improving the environment.


Provides an opportunity for resource recovery from waste such as conversion to fertiliser and bio-char.


Provides a clean, hygienic and safe environment for the women and children who are the most vulnerable.

Our Business Model

Improving Lives

Affordable monthly subscriptions by users who need to have clean toilets, a clean environment and to minimize water borne diseases.

A Structure That Benefits All

Outcome-based payments by impact-oriented organizations.

The Social Impact

Pilot Phase

Our social business benefits urban slum residents who earn less than Ksh 200/day ($US2/day).

300 residents of Korogocho slums in Nairobi, Kenya have access to clean, safe and improved sanitation and reduced pollution of the Nairobi rivers by diverting approximately 81 cubic meters of faecal sludge by May 2020.


MAT expects to benefit over 200,000 people living in urban slums in Kenya and also provide dignity & better working conditions to over 30 sanitation workers in 2023.


Benefit urban slum residents, 3 million people (including sanitation workers), in Kenya and beyond by 2030.

Pilot Phase

To test the viability of our installation process, water sensor and to generate test data, Mobile Alert Toilets (MAT) carried out it's pilot phase by investigating suitable locations within Korogocho and meeting with local residents to find those most in need.

Meeting with local residents and discussing issues with current toilets
Meeting with local residents and discussing issues with current toilets

After consultation with these residents MAT began refurbishment and installation of our container system and sensor in one location, whilst renovating and improving another communal toilet.

Many of the current toilets are in a poor state of repair, predominantly makeshift outhouses lacking in proper sanitation.

The single toilet that MAT decided to use for our container and sensor pilot was made from corrugated metal which was in a state of disrepair.

Toilet Comparison Before and After Renovation

The base and whole frame was rebuilt with space below the toilet to house the container and sensor, as well as allowing for its removal when needed for emptying.

The second toilets MAT focused on were communal latrines that were in need of repair.

Due to the location and design of these toilets it was decided that MAT would renovate these first and would then be retrofitted with containers and sensors at a later date once we had generated test data from the pilot phase toilet installation.

Toilet Comparison Before and After Renovation

With the renovations completed we are happy to say that the local residents were very pleased with the toilets, it allows women and children to use more hygienic facilities, reducing the potential for disease and poor sanitation.

Residents happy after the toilet renovations!
Children happy after the toilet renovations!

We will be monitoring the toilets and continue to speak with these residents to ensure that the toilets continue to provide better facilities for them.

We are also capturing test data from the pilot toilet installation and will use this to improve our processes and refine the sensor.

Pilot Phase Video

We created a short video of the pilot project which you can watch below.
It gives further details on Korogocho, what we want to achieve and future goals.

Our Team

Joyce Klu

Founder & CEO

Joyce is responsible for the technical design of the MAT system, raising capital and building partnerships.

She holds an MSc. In Chemical Engineering from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a BSc. from Egerton University.

Emmanuel Klu


Emmanuel is responsible for Finance & Administration and oversees the overall operations.

He holds an MSc in Human Resource & Development from the University of Salford and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Ghana.

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